Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mildred's Make Over

I bought a ruffler foot about a month ago, and finally
got around to using it.
I've been busy this week so far.  So far I've finished a custom order backpack, finished a dress, made a new bag design for the left over dress linen and finished that bag, figured out how to use my ruffler foot, started another patchwork bag, started another companion cube and solved Milly's clashy color problem! 

As Raye pointed out in my last post, Mildred's flashy purple wires are great and all, but they cause some issues too.  Milly is a fun, fabulous piece of furniture, but as a photo prop she was falling short.  I still love her shape and usefulness for showing scale.  So, I went to my closet to see if I had something that would work as a cover before I tried to make something.  I found the perfect solution, just hanging out in my closet: A white sweater dress!   This dress was perfect, as it had a cowl that covered her upper chest and neck part, and it was fitted, so I only had pin it a little bit.   Here are a couple of examples of Mildred's new work:
       And my new orange bag!  Like it?  Go check it out in my shop too!
The ruffled zipper pouch comes with it.
You can find this plaid tote in my shop too!

And of course, the Green Momotaro Tote.

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  1. A fabulous solution! With her wires giving texture under the chest really looks awesome! I'm glad something so simple that is so perfect was found! It really enhances the pictures of the very colorful bags!