Monday, October 31, 2011

Back to the Groove

I don't have anything too interesting to post right now, other than to say that I am finally done with the assignment from places best not mentioned on Halloween.  That means I will be home, all day for at least the next week, recouping.  That also means I will have tons of time to get stuff done!  I'm really looking forward to getting back to my sewing machine.  I'm not so excited for the loss of income, but the district didn't have any open spots for me to fill.  On the other hand, with time to spend on my Etsy shop and networking and such, maybe I can get my sales off the ground.  That would be nice... and I'm sure my husband would enjoy opening up some of the space that is currently occupied by my inventory.

I've already started on my to do list.  On Saturday, I took my new wire dress frame outside to re photo some of my bags.  I really like how they turned out.  I think they look much better on a suedo human than just sitting on the shelf or hanging on a hook on the wall.  She is of course a little smaller than normal people sized, but its a good approximation.
I named her Mildred!
What do you folks think about using a dress frame/mannequin vs. hang on the wall or sitting on a shelf?  If you were a buyer, which would entice you more?


  1. Mixed review on the use of Mildred. Two aspects:

    The shorter strapped bags, the ones that just go on a shoulder, not across the frame I don't think look as good. Not sure why. I think the longer straps, the ones that cross the model, Mildred makes an excellent choice!

    Secondly, if the fabric of the bag is so busy it clashes with her BRIGHT wired frame makes it a less desirable picture to look at. A few of the pics (skull and cross bones and Green Anime) were hard to look at they were too busy. But I thought it looked awesome with the scotties and cream and the birds blooms and creams. Perhaps it is just my personal preference.

    What i would recommend, is making a very neutral sheath/dress for Mildred as the backdrop for some of the bags. A dark dress and a light dress to best compliment types of bags. Though bright fuchsia wiring is fun to look at, it is distracting as a photo prop.

    And the pictures of bags hanging on a hook or sitting down are good too! Gives a good clean look at the pattern, where Mildred gives a good idea on how it lays upon a person.

    Hope this is helpful input!

  2. That is very helpful, thank you Raye! I was thinking along the same lines actually. I may have to go ahead and make Milly a dress, or at least use some fabric and clips to dress her for particular bags.