Sunday, October 2, 2011

I've Got the Universe in my Pocket

Hello folks, long time no write.

As I said in my last post, school started for us and completely threw off my craft groove, and I was neck deep in naps and tests to grade.  I was further put off when I had to switch assignments.  I'm a long term sub currently subbing for teachers on family leave.  I started the year as a chemistry teacher, and now I'm teaching history with a group of the most frustrating sophomores you've ever seen in your life.  I want to like them, but they make it so hard.  Anyways, I'm sure this is all very interesting, but what brings me back to my blog, you might be asking...

First full printing my NASA space fabric!
Well, a couple of weeks ago I was looking through NASA's photo archives, while thinking about entering spoonflower fabric contests (more about them later) when I was hit with a cool idea.  Wouldn't it be awesome to have fabric made with some of these photos?  Why, yes, yes it would, I thought.  So, I looked into NASA's photo usage rules and they are basically free for alls, as NASA doesn't keep copyrights on any of their pictures.  I was ecstatic, and I started searching for interesting photos that were large enough to be useful.   It only took me a couple of hours to get my idea shaped and set up.  The next 2 weeks were spent waiting on proofs and the final printing of my first yard of fabric.  I love love love how they turned out!

I had the idea to make the pictures into zipper pouches, and included both a front and a back for them.  I'm posting here today to let everyone know that the first batch of Universe in my Pocket pouches are done and up for sale on Etsy!  Here are few of them up close-

M81 Galaxy Pouch

M82 Galaxy Pouch

Butterfly Nebula Pouch

Want to see the whole collection?  Check out the Universe Pouches section of my Etsy shop.

One last thing:  If you've ever wanted to design your own fabric, you need to check out Spoonflower!  Their printing is high quality, and making your own designs is super fun.  They also have weekly design contests.  I've entered this weeks, so if you go to the contests page, I would appreciate a vote for my Ditzy Outer Space print design (its under my etsy shop name, summerycreations).

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