Thursday, November 24, 2011

Introducing: Shoes by Summery Creations, and Other Awesome Stuff

Hello folks!

I have a couple of awesome things to share- First of all, this has been a stellar month of sales for me, even before the craziness of after Thanksgiving shopping.  Some of my purses and companion cubes are now making their way across the pond to the UK and to various places all over these great United States.  Its a small jump up, but great none the less.

Secondly, given the pick up in sales, I decided my little business could use an upgrade in the sewing department.  I spent a couple of days researching new sewing machines and deciding between getting something that could embroider, or get a nicer brand computerized machine.  I ended up going with the nicer brand, and bought a new Janome DC2011.  Pretty much anything is a step up from my Singer Simple, with its 18 different stitches, but this baby is really nice, comparatively.  I haven't gotten to play around with it a whole lot, but what I have done has been fantastic.

And lastly- I am going to start selling custom ballet flats in my store!  They can be made to match almost any one of my purses (there may be an exception or two, just ask!) and in three different styles: plain, with a mary jane type strap or with a wider strap.  I've also included other choices in the listing itself.  The basic ballet flats make great shoes for around the house or office, as well as light outdoor wear!  I've been wearing mine a lot since I finished them.  Yesterday I even wore them around the mall, and got a couple of compliments from total strangers.  It was amazing to see their faces when I told them that I had made them.

Besides the ballet style flats, I'm also going to offer the option of having a cork sole add on, for a more hard wearing outside shoe.  The cork has been purchased, as well as the cement for soling shoes, so its just a little waiting until it arrives.  I can also make comfy house slippers with snuggly fleece lining!

It won't be available to purchase until next week, but I also have another pattern with a keyhole type closure, I just haven't gotten to test it out yet.
Newest set of shoes- These have canvas soles and are ready for the cork sole add on!

If you're interested, you can see the shoe listing here!

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