Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer's Sunday Selections - Organization!

I liked doing this little item feature thing, so I'm going to go ahead and pick it up again.  I'm still working on that vacation pictures post, but I may have it up tomorrow or Tuesday.

Ever since I organized the closet, the "straightening and storing" bug has been here.  We even went so far as to move about 2/3rds of our furniture around and get a new media storage shelf.  I know its a little late for spring cleaning, but thats pretty much whats been going on in our house.  So, with this in mind, my selections for this week are all over the organization game.
Cubicals 9 Cube Organizer

My first pick actually isn't from Etsy or anything, its a shelf I saw when we were getting the media storage tower in Target.  It looks awesome in person, and I think it would be a fantastic piece to help store my craft supplies.  And its only $40!  Each cube is 11x11, and I could totally make my own fabric baskets for it.  It would be replacing this thing...
My newly relocated work area.

On the topic of fabric baskets, I know they are super popular on Etsy, and for good reason.  Fabric baskets make for some great organization.  They're cute too!  Here are a couple that I'm especially fond of.  Click the links to see their Etsy listings.
Fabric Basket with Leather Handles

Oval Fabric Basket
Linen Red-dotted Storage Bin

Jars and tins are also great places to keep smaller things from herbs to buttons and so on!  Vintage tins are especially cool.  Here are some jars and tins that I like:
Vintage Herb Storage Jars

Large Vintage Tin with Handles

Huge Atlas Mason Jar with Buttons

That wraps it up for today's Selections!  What your favorite item that keeps you organized?

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