Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer's Sunday Selections- Fantastic Lights!

After you’ve organized all of your stuff, you still need to be able to find it, and that might require some great lighting.   A couple lighting pieces really caught my eye this week, and I wanted to share them with you.  Fun, funky and functional lighting can generate inspiration as well as help you find things in your newly organized spaces.  And now, on to the selections!

A Japanese Shoji (rice paper) lamp.  I love the classic asian stylings!

Pink Blooming Tree Table Lamp

Sometimes you need to find your stuff at night too.  This
Eams Era Tea  Cup Night Light can help.

Upcycled Globe Lamp... Love it!

This shop has tons of lamps made from wine bottles, how cool is that?

This lamp is just too neat!  Its a Custom Rice Paper Lamp.

Matte White Origami Hanging Latern

And lastly, something a little more retro.  This is a Mid Century
 Eyeball Expandable Underwriters Lam
And that’s it for today’s selections!  There will be more next week.

As a side note… I was mildly amused by all of the listings that had misspelled lightening as lighting.  I can’t be too amused though, I’m sure I make those kind mistakes all the time.  

*Update from last week's Sunday Selections*
Last week, I mentioned a cube shelf that I really wanted to replace my ugly wire rack as a crafting storage unit.  Well, my husband totally surprised me with it on Friday!   He was out at the school, doing teachery things, and he even called me and texted what he was doing along the way home, (I had asked him to pick up a couple of things at a different store) just to throw me off.  I was so excited when he brought it through the door, that I built the whole thing by myself in about 20 minutes.  I don't have any pictures yet, since I still need to "build" the baskets for it.  It looks kind of messy right now. 

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