Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Vacation, From LA to San Francisco Part One

Photos, photos photos!  Thats what this post is all about.  I'll let the photos and their captions tell the story of our vacation.  A little bit of background first... We live in Yuma, Arizona.  Which I like to think of as the butt of the country, for many reasons.  Least of which is the geographic location.  Also, its hot.  Really hot.  So, that lead us to the decision to make a trek up to San Francisco, where it is not hot.  My hubby's parents live north of Los Angeles, making it a great setting off point.  Now on to the pictures!

Can you believe I've been around LA for 3 years and this is the first time
I've been to City Walk?  The Chinese Theater was so cool, and also crowded.

Yep, I'm a trekkie nerd... I just had to get a picture of the cast of TOS Star Trek's
 square.  Too bad there were too many people around to get a good, full shot of it.
Pismo Beach
The next stop after LA was at Pismo Beach.  This is me standing at the end of the Pier.   Pismo was pretty uneventful, although I did have some tasty buffalo style fried clams.  (And yes, I made that fab bag, I loved it so much I had to keep it for myself)

I thought this was a lovely scenery shot of the beach from the end of the pier.  The only other thing of note from Pismo is that I got an awesome comfy dress for $20 at the outlet mall there.

San Francisco Day One:
The first thing we did after finding our hotel and nabbing a parking spot was walk to Ghirardelli Square.  This fountain is right in the middle and it is so picturesque!   
Then we found Cellar 360, a wine bar right at the back of the square.  I decided to try my first ever wine tasting.  It was awesome!  I learned a little bit, and enjoyed some great wines over a full spectrum, from a sweet white, to a blush, to a "hardcore" red.  The cheese was necessary for the reds.  I don't think I could have drank them without it.  But it was a taste I think I could acquire, given the chance.  I got to keep the cheese board too!  Oh, and our wine pourer was super nice.  I highly recommend checking this place out, if you're ever in the area.

I know its a huge attraction, but this is about as close to Alcatraz as we got.  Would you believe this picture is taken from the Cellar 360 window?

This is the San Francisco skyline, as viewed from a Rocketboat.  This was probably the most exciting part of the whole trip.  The boat was basically a huge speed boat, going up to about 45 knots.  We did twists and turns in the water and our hair got all messed up.  It was awesome.
A funny store front from Pier 39.  We ate dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, and then headed back to the hotel for bed.
San Francisco Day 2:
Day 2 was Asian Stuff Day.  We went to the Asian Art museum, which was amazing.  We even managed to get up and navigate the buses to be there right as it opened.
This was really cool buddha statue from the museum, I loved how the colors were so bright.  We weren't allowed to take very many pictures, and a lot of the ones we did take didn't turn out very well.
This wall of jade was so cool!  They had a whole room devoted to jade objects.  When we were done looking around, we had lunch in the cafe of the museum.  Unfortunately, it wasn't very good, but we made up for it in Chinatown...
The south Chinatown Gate.  I didn't get many pictures in Chinatown because we were too busy shopping and then getting lost on the way to a restaurant I had scoped out online that offered Sze Chuan style hot pot.  I did pick up quite a haul of Japanese gummy candies and Hello Panda cookies.
Me and my hot pot.  This must be the most delicious style of food known to man.  I was even able to get a soup base that had real Szechuan peppercorns in it.   It wasn't quiet the same style of hot pot that I was used to from my favorite restaurant in the Chi-town Chinatown, but it was good.
After Chinatown, we also went to Ripley's Believe It or Not and the Boudin Bakery (for some real San Fran Sourdough!) but we forgot the camera at the hotel.  I'm going to end this post here, since day 3 was a nonstop photo-op, and I have tons of pictures to share!

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