Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Vacation, From LA to San Francisco Part Two

San Francisco Day Three: Golden Gate Park
Day three was spent at Golden Gate Park, home of the California Academy of Sciences (pictured here), the Japanese Tea Garden, and the San Francisco Art Museum, among other things.  The Academy of Sciences was our first stop.

It has a giant glass dome with a rainforest inside!  If you look close, you can see some butterflies flying around.

They had lots of animals in the rainforest exhibit.  I liked the colors on this snake.

This guy was just huge.  He's getting ready to shed his skin.  You can tell because his eye is grey, that means the scales are coming loose (they have scales over there eyes in lue of eye lids).
I'm pretty sure this is the biggest toad I've ever seen.  Unfortunately, his scale is hard to tell from the photo.
I liked the look of this little gecko's eyes.  Those guys can stick to anything!
The brown gecko's friend, who was much brighter. 
After we toured the rainforest, we went down to the aquarium part.  Since it was quite dark, I wasn't able to get many good pictures.  But here's one of me and a coral reef!
These jellies were completely clear, so they had colored lights shining on them.  It was so cool!
More jellies!

This is a cowfish.  His scales are completely fused into a box so that only his mouth, eyes and fins can move.

I never could get this one into focus, but it was so colorful I just had to add him in here.  The chubby purple guy is a sea slug.
Just a couple of electric eels, ya know, hanging out.  

This is the roof of the Science Academy!  It's a 'green roof'.  They say that it saves them a lot on heating/cooling costs, and it looks pretty neat.  This was last of the decent/interesting pictures from the Science Academy.

Next, we headed over to the Japanese Tea Gardens.  They were so amazing, I took almost 100 pictures in there.  This is the entrance gate.  Most of these pictures are just gorgeous, so I'll let them do the talking.

This has to be the coolest bridge I've ever walked on.

We ended our trip to the Tea Garden by actually getting some sencha tea and dango with sweet soy sauce.  It was amazingly delicious.   The rest of the day was spent trying to decide where to go for dinner, and then hitting the hay early for the 6.5 hour drive back to LA.

Our last picture in San Francisco... We drove down the curvy part of Lombard Street!


  1. Looks like a great vacation! And nice escape from the heat?

    That bridge is so cool! I'm going to have to pintrest that haha You'v taken some great pictures!

    Hmm San Francisco probably has some great bead places I mean um fabric! =) haha

    Arizona Girls blog

  2. It was a fantastic escape from the heat, we went from 115 in Yuma to about 65 in San Francisco... I had to buy the pink hoodie the first day there!

    Thank you! Getting to the top of that bridge was like climbing a jungle gym. Also, it took a lot of photos to get ones that were nice enough to post. I just had the camera glued to my hand as we were walking around, in true tourist fashion.