Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The weekend and more things made!

This weekend was a really busy one, between getting a new dehydrator and trying it out with all the stuff I got from bountiful baskets (which, btw you should check out if its in your area as its a fantastic program), baking a chocolate cake with cream cheese icing, making my soup lunches for the week, sewing, and of course, spending time with my awesome hubbs.  I finally got to go to Joann's Saturday night.  I've been needing a few things, like some elastic and medium weight interfacing.  Its kind of big deal to get to go since I do not drive, and my husband hates going, since I spend and inordinate amount of time wandering around and going "Oooooh, I want that!" or "Isn't this pretty..." while meandering through the aisles, several times, in case I miss anything.  I don't blame him for not wanting to take me at all.

In the end, I spent more than I probably should have, and I forgot to get the elastic and interface.  I got distracted by pirate print, butterflies and the patternbooks.  I finally broke down and actually bought a book on bag making. (This one).  I've made one from it already, which I will post about later.  Since I forgot about the interfacing and elastic, I actually convinced my husband that it was necessary and he grudgingly took me back after our wonderful dinner at Outback.  This time I actually remembered what I came for, along with picking up a few extras.  The nice lady at the cut counter remembered that I just been there since we chatted for a while when I was there earlier.  She laughed at me when I said I got distracted from what I had originally come for.

As far as getting any sewing done, I only really finished one project, and that was the bag from the book I picked up Saturday.  I made it between watching the Super Bowl, fixing guacamole and baking tortilla chips.  The bag is made of the same material as my skirt and hat from the last post.

In other business news, I spoke to my grandmother and she really wants the Spring Bird purse, so I promised to make her one if she would hand out my business card to anyone who commented on it.  She agreed, and knowing my grandma, anyone who even looks at it will get one!  She also told me that the purse I made for one of my cousins as a Christmas gift is is really well liked as well.  The only thing she would change is the length of the strap.  Which is easy enough to change for that design.  I also sent some business cards to my mom, and she can hand them out to craft loving people she knows (and she knows a lot!  Check out her blog)

I think I've written too much... better get back to grading the tests I've put off for more than a week.

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