Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sleepytime Ideas

This post will be posted in two parts.

Part One:  Conception of an Idea

I love when random ideas come to me in the night.  Or, in the case of this particular idea, when I randomly wake up at 5 am with a mega sore throat.  As I was trying to go back to sleep, I thought to myself, "What if I make a bag that looks like a school girl skirt?"  At this time, 7:53 am, I'm still trying to figure how in the world I came up with that.  It sounded really odd at the time, almost as odd as the dream I was having before waking up (it involved basket ball players and corsets...).  Now that I think about it though, the whole 'school girl' thing is pretty popular, and I just bought some 2 and bit yards of plaid last weekend.  I'm pretty sure this is the project to start it out.  Lucky for me, Hubbs is out all morning so I have the next 5 hours all to myself, the machines and the fabric.  Whoohoo!

Part Two:  The Manifestation of the Idea
Well... the idea didn't manifest the way I had originally intended.  In fact, what I made with the fabric was not a bag, nor did it have pleats.  When I got the fabric out, I took a closer look at it, and found that it was not the kind I thought it was.  It had more stretch than I could work with for a bag.

So, I made the best of it and crafted myself a dress!  Without a pattern, I might add.  Which means I need to do a few adjustments, but I think I'm going to wear it to the Ren Faire next weekend.  Its certainly not period, but it is plaid!

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