Friday, February 25, 2011

This week...

This week has been kind of a slump for me, creativity wise.  The only thing I've created this week was this baby goat I made for my mom on Monday.  I've posted the little girl on Etsy as well, for custom versions.  You can see the listing here.

My mom, who has her own blog, has a small farm in Southeast Missouri where she raises nubian goats, rabbits, gardens, and knits among other things.  Due to the variety of things they do on the farm, its called Patchwork Acres.  She also makes and sells goat milk soaps at local farmers markets and craft shows.   So I decided to take the name of the farm and their main export so to speak, to make her a cute little companion for the long days at markets!  I liked it so much I've decided to sell them.  I'm also thinking about putting together a tutorial/pattern to make them yourself.  If you are interested, leave me a comment!  I may be looking for people to preview the tutorial and give me feed back before I publish it.

Besides the goat, I've started another tote thats similar to my pirate tote.  This one will have butterflies however.

This week has felt really slow for me.  Maybe I'm not sleeping enough.  I haven't really felt inspired to create anything beyond the goaty.  Usually I get at least one really good idea that sustains me until I create it and I get super excited about it.  I really hope that this weekend offers me plenty of rest and relaxation and hopefully some renewed inspiration.

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  1. very cute goat, I'm not sewing right now, but used to all the time, maybe this would inspire me to get started again and use up some of that fabric!