Saturday, March 12, 2011

Its been too long...

Oh my, its been ten days since I last posted!  This is just a quick update to say that I'm not blogdead.  I've just been super busy, but more about that later.

First, a quick update about the market that I visited last friday.  It was more of a resellers/flea market, that kind of reminded me of the flea markets in Mexico.  I didn't see any other handmade type sellers, and very few food sellers/farmers market type people.  It didn't look like it would be worth it for me.   I may check out the swap meet that will be going on in June at the Yuma Civic Center since its only $10 for a space and they provide tables.  Its also indoors, where as the other market was outside.

As far as why I've been so busy...  The school district decided to cut my assignment as a biology teacher short and move me to another school to teach Algebra.  See, I was supposed to be filling in for biology teacher who was on maternity leave till mid April, but I got a call at the end of the day on Tuesday that they wanted me to start the next day at another school.  Needless to say, I was in shock.  I was quite comfortable as a biology teacher, the kids were good, I had daily lesson plans and everything was set up nicely for me.  The only downside was the ending date, and the fact that we had to leave a little early in the mornings so my husband could drop me off.  The new assignment... These kids haven't had a real teacher in 2 weeks, they're behind, there are no lesson plans, and I haven't had algebra II since I was in 9th grade.  There is an upside though, since I will have this job till the end of the school year, and its at the same school that my husband teaches at.  I also worked there last year, so I'm familiar with it.

So, between getting my bearings in the new assignment and sleeping I have had trouble keeping up with everything else.  I hope to have another post up in the next couple days to talk about my new vintage kimono fabric and my plans for it!


  1. Wow, what a shock to get a call and have to do a different job and location in one night! Ack, that would hurt my head! LOL.

    Sorry the market didn't work out for you, but the new location sounds good and a great price too!

  2. Yeah, it's my third set of students in one year... I've had to learn over 300 names!

    I hope the civic center does something for me. I am looking forward to some real life sales opportunities, I need something to jumpstart this ship!